Royal Blues

July 29, 2010 11:14 AM


18.JPGHi all,
I know we just went through this rigmarole a few months ago, but I am moving this blog one last time. Things...are not quite right here, so all my stuff will now be at In fact, I already started posting there - like this collection of wonderful fan reactions to yesterday's Scott Podsednik trade.

My goal is to never ever ever ever have to move the blog again, which is why I bought a domain instead of joining yet another blog network. Please poke around at the new site, and be sure to check out the photography page, where I've collected all of my Royals and O-Royals photos from the past year and a half.

And of course, there's a handy orange RSS button up in the upper-right corner over there, so please be sure to subscribe.

Farewell and good luck to Real Clear Sports and all the bloggers here. I sincerely hope it works out better for all of you than it has for me. And go Royals!

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