Running With the Bulls

November 25, 2009 1:32 PM

USF Battles Miami: Athlete vs. Athlete

It's a sellout and it's going to be an athletic battle.

South Florida vs. Miami: speed and finesse vs. speed and finesse.

For Miami, the formula for victory is obvious: stop Bulls quarterback B.J. Daniels. That is all it boils down to. It has become painfully evident this season that this South Florida team is a one-man offense.

In losses to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Rutgers, Daniels was shut down, stopped, silenced.

In last week's victory over Miami, he ran like a madman and passed like one. Before it was over, he had 445 yards total offense. In the process, he became the first Big East player to pass for more than 300 yards and rush for more than 100 in a single game.

Only problem is, he won't be able to do that against a fast and furious team like Miami, which begs the question: how can the Bulls succeed against the Hurricanes?

That answer comes Saturday afternoon with a sellout crowd at Raymond James Stadium and that means 67,000-plus in there, more than will show up at any remaining Tampa Bay Buccaneer games.

Players on both team know each other. USF has begun to steal a few players from Miami on the recruiting trail. No love will be lost in this one and don't be surprised if there is some trash-talking down on the turf.

Miami is 8-3, USF 7-3 and the Hurricanes have more at stake than USF. After seeing what happened to FSU, Miami DOES NOT want a repeat of USF taking down another traditional state power.


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