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Interview With Randy Hahn--Topic: Homerism

I heard a rant from Drew Remenda on a radio program he did in Saskatchewan where he got understandably defensive when he was (told he was) "too close to the team" to see things--this was after the Sharks lost Game Four so badly (to) Detroit, and could they choke? How difficult is it to remain objective with a team that not only pays your salary, but also with whom you've formed a bond, with the players, the fans, the management...?4451994599_b995890370.jpg

Well, I don't think we are objective. I think whenever push comes to shove, at least in the way I approach my job, I'm gonna fall on the side of the San Jose Sharks. I'm not a network broadcaster, I'm a local broadcaster, and every two weeks I get a paycheck, and there's a logo of the San Jose Sharks on that paycheck.

I feel this responsibility of our broadcast to be truthful and to be realistic in how we describe what we're seeing. Because we're not radio, you don't have to take our word for it, you're actually seeing it.

Drew can speak for himself on the way he does his job, but if my play-by-play was fictional, pretty soon you'd find out because you're actually watching it while I'm saying it, as opposed to radio I could make stuff and you'd have to take my word for it. And I'm not implying that our announcers do, I'm just (saying I could) there.

My loyalty is to the Sharks, and it's to the fans of the Sharks, in that order.