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June 3, 2010 4:00 AM

Interview With Randy Hahn: Question One

The following is an excerpt from my conversation with Randy Hahn, play-by-play announcer for the San Jose Sharks. It was a 45-minute phone interview, and this was the first question I asked. The question will appear in italics, and a new question and response will be posted nearly each day, with some of the interview also being posted on Bleacher Report...3921198865_b640b37bc3.jpg

Looking back at the Olympics, which national team were you most impressed with in men's hockey?

I think I was probably most impressed by Team USA because they, I think in everyone's mind, overachieved. The prohibitive favourites going in were Canada and Russia, and a lot of people thought it would be one of those two teams winning the gold medal, and it did turn out that way.

I don't think many people expected Team USA to emerge to be a potential gold medal team the way they were, and that was a function of a well-picked team, a well-coached team, and then some individuals really rising to the occasion.

I agree. One other team I had thought you might mention was Team Slovakia: I did not even expect them to play in a medal game...

They were good, too, but Team USA impressed me the most of any team.

How tough was it in the gold medal game to have your new home country where your wife and children were born and your paycheck comes from against your childhood home?

It wasn't that difficult because I was going to go with Team Canada. I'm from Canada, I'm a Canadian citizen still. But it was fun: My sons were with me in a sports restaurant in Vacaville--we were there for a kid's hockey tournament. We watched it there and it was fun to have that dynamic of having them cheering for one team and me the other. But it wasn't that hard, I'm still probably going to fall on the Canadian side for most of these things.

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