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January 26, 2010 4:20 AM

20 Questions, Super Bowl XLIV Style

Here now is the XLIV version of the mind-numbing Super Bowl trivia game that's fun for the entire family. By that, I mean you'll probably need to consult your uncle or grandfather for some of the answers, but your uncle or grandfather will probably need to consult you for a few too. Some questions share all or part of their answer with other questions, and whether it's right on the tip of your tongue or buried in the back of your mind, these questions should be answerable for the true NFL fans and Super Bowl enthusiasts among us. If not, just watch ESPN for the next 10 days and they'll probably answer them for you.

1. A) Which 3 NFL franchises have won at least 5 Super Bowls apiece?
B) Which of those 3 has a record 6 Lombardi Trophies?
C) Which of those 3 has made a record 8 Super Bowl appearances?
D) Which of those 3 is the only organization with MULTIPLE Super Bowl appearances to have never lost in the big game?

2. Brett Favre would have been the third quarterback to start a Super Bowl for two different teams. Which two QB's have started the big game in 2 different uniforms?

3. With the Saints finally making their first Super Bowl, which 4 NFL franchises still have not been to the big game?

4. The Saints started the year 13-0 and the Colts went 14-0 as both locked up the top playoff spot in their respective conference. Which two teams played in the last Super Bowl match-up of No. 1 seeds? (It was also the only Super Bowl to date that was a rematch of the previous Super Bowl.)

5. Each of the Colts' 4 Super Bowl appearances have been in the city of Miami, where a record 10 Super Bowls have been played.
A) Which city has hosted the second-most Super Bowls (9)?
B) Name the only 2 states where 3 different cities have hosted a Super Bowl.
C) Name the only 2 cities with a latitude north of the San Francisco bay area to host a Super Bowl.

6. A) Which 3 cities have been represented by 2 different franchises in the Super Bowl?
B) Which 3 franchises have represented 2 different cities in the Super Bowl?

7. A) Who're the 7 NFL teams to repeat as Super Bowl champions?
B) Which of those 7 is the only team to repeat on 2 separate occasions?
C) Which of those 7 are the only 2 franchises to win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years?

8. True or False: Every Super Bowl involving the New England Patriots has been decided by exactly 3 points.

9. Name the 2 Super Bowl match-ups - both in the 1990's - that pitted 2 teams from the same state.

10. A) Which 3 franchises WON their ONLY Super Bowl appearance?
B) Which 6 franchises LOST their ONLY Super Bowl appearance? (All have come since 1995)

11. A) Which 2 franchises are 0-4 in the Super Bowl?
B) Name the only other franchise to lose 4 Super Bowls. (They've also won 2)
C) Name the 2 other franchises who're winless in MULTIPLE Super Bowl appearances. (Both are 0-2 in the big game and one of them lost twice to the same opponent in the 80's.)

12. The only 4 players to win MULTIPLE Super Bowl MVP awards are all quarterbacks, and 1 of them is the only player to win 3 MVP's. Who're those 4 and which is that 1?

13. A record 22 Super Bowl MVP awards have gone to quarterbacks ... which position has produced the second-most Super Bowl MVP's?

14. True or False: More defenders have won Super Bowl MVP than wide receivers.

15. Who was the only player from a losing team to win Super Bowl MVP? (Super Bowl V, 1971)

16. The only special-teams player to win Super Bowl MVP is also one of three Heisman Trophy winners to win Super Bowl MVP. Name that special-teamer and the other two players who won both a Heisman and a Super Bowl MVP.

17. A) Which 3 head coaches have taken 2 different teams to the Super Bowl?
B) Which two head coaches have won a Super Bowl and had a video game named after them?
C) Which 2 head coaches have won a Super Bowl and a college national championship? (They won their Super Bowls with the same franchise and actually faced each other for a college national title)

18. A) Who're the only 2 teams to meet in 3 different Super Bowls?
B) Three other Super Bowls were rematches of a previous Super Bowl. Who were the teams involved in those rematches?

19. Only 1 Super Bowl has been decided by a single point. Who were the participants and what was the final score?

20. True or False: there have been twice as many Super Bowls decided by 20 or more points than 3 or fewer points.

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