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November 23, 2010 7:32 AM

A Rough Time In Paradise

ParadiseJam.jpgThe Paradise Jam tournament down in the Virgin Islands didn't go well for teams from the power conference, as it was the CAA's Old Dominion who pulled out the tournament title with a 67-58 win over Xavier. Not only the Musketeers, but Iowa, Alabama, Seton Hall and Clemson all fell by the wayside over three games on the island.

No team had it rougher than Seton Hall, which lost guard Jeremy Hazell to a broken wrist and he will now miss 4-6 weeks. Hazell had scored 27 points in an 83-78 win over Alabama in the first game and was part of a potent inside-out combo with forward Herb Pope. With Hazell, Seton Hall could compete in the Big East and make the NCAA Tournament. It's going to be a tough stretch without him and they quickly lost two games and were held under 60 points after his injury.

Iowa and Alabama don't have high expectations this year and they did not play well in this event. Hawkeye guard Matt Gatens struggled and Alabama didn't get a lot out of forward JaMychal Green, and neither team has much support for those two showcase players.

Clemson and Xavier found the most to be positive about. Xavier made the final and found a go-to player as guard Tu Holloway lit it up for 73 points over the three games, while Clemson got some steady backcourt play from the trio of Demontez Stitt, Tanner Smith and Andre Young. Overall though, the Paradise Jam tournament was only paradise for the midmajors.

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