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November 17, 2009 3:11 PM

Coaches On The Hot Seat

The big question in the Coaches On The Hot Seat Discussion is whether Charlie Weis should be fired if Notre Dame beats UConn and Stanford and finishes 8-4. To be honest, I consider this question to be on a par with asking John McCain the night before the election who his Secretary of State would be. In both cases we're dealing with hypotheticals that have a snowball's chance of actually happening. And at 7-5, I think Weis should go.

But if Notre Dame does win eight games the recent record of the program suggest to me that he should be back. Since Lou Holtz left campus, Notre Dame has done little to suggest it's such a superpower that eight wins merit a kick out the door. They've gone to only three major bowl games--two under Weis. They've won only one postseason game--under Weis. The current coach's record isn't good compared to Holtz's. But it's Holtz,

not Charlie, who is the exception to the rule at South Bend. Given what is now a long track record, Notre Dame should not only be willing to bring him back with an 8-4 season, they should be ready to sell their souls (figuratively speaking of course, should Father Joe or Sister Mary see this post) to get eight wins and a possible Gator Bowl bid.

Rich Rodriguez may also be facing a win-or-get-canned situation on Saturday when Ohio State comes to Ann Arbor. I believe he should go if they lose, and he should perhaps even go if they win. For 33 years, Michigan went to a bowl every single year. With a loss, that would put them 0-and-2 under R-Rod. Furthermore, his scandals--from Filegate when he left West Virginia, to Practice Gate with the extra workout time he snuck in at Ann Arbor, he's besmirched the image of a program that was always clean in the tradition of Bo Schembecler. I don't think that really matters to the alumni, but Loss Gate surely

does. Look for the scandals to be the pretext for a quick firing if he loses Saturday.

And in the area of You Heard It Here First, let's come to Ralph Friedgen. I think he's gone at Maryland. That's not the part you heard here first. He's a good friend of Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer, who just happesn to have an offensive coordinator under fire. The Fridge would be the perfect fit for this defense & special-teams oriented program, and the Hokies would be the right fit for him to rescusitate his career and eventually get another head coaching job. I'm predicting him to be in the press box at Blacksburg next season.

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