The College Football Notebook

January 5, 2010 10:26 AM

Boise Nips TCU

Who can figure this bowl season out? The WAC has performed poorly all year. The Mountain West has been great. Yet when the champ of the Mountain West comes out to play the biggest game of its history, they can't get anything together. After a season characterized by high-efficiency play, Horned Frog quarterback Andy Dalton was out of synch from the start. He threw three interceptions. The first one was a pick-six coming back the other way for the game's first score. The last was a game-ender at the twenty-second mark when TCU was trying to finish a 99-yard miracle drive to force overtime. Dalton had no support from his running game all night. He did get help from his defense, helped by the fact that Boise's attack looked equally out of synch. Kellen Moore was often high on his throws, the most velocity I've seen from a lefty since Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia in

the World Series. But Moore found enough his rhythm to hit Titus Jones with sufficient frequency to keep drives going, including the one that gave the Broncos their 17-10 win in the fourth quarter.

Overall, an exciting game, but not one particularly well-played. See you later for an Orange Bowl preview.

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