The College Football Notebook

April 28, 2010 7:29 AM

Spring Overview: Mountain West

I'm excited about the Mountain West for this coming season. This wasn't a league the Notebook covered last year, save for discussion about TCU in the national championship race. But as I go into my second season, expansion of coverage will be a part of that and the MWC will get the same top-to-bottom discussion as the six major BCS conferences. It should be an interesting year on the field too. TCU is back with experience across the board and hoping to make a real run at a national title. Utah has veterans in the trenches and sophomore quarterback Jordan Wynn who was tested by fire. Air Force has its option quarterback Tim Jefferson back and ready to lead a team that rolled over Houston in its bowl game. Of the league's upper echelon, only BYU is rebuilding.

If you're looking for a Cinderella possiblities in this conference, Colorado State has a veteran defense and Wyoming has a veteran offense. San Diego State has a group of experienced offensive lineman to protect an overall solid passing game. UNLV brings a lot back, although they also have a long way to go. Only New Mexico looks truly hopeless.

On Saturday we'll wrap up the Notebook's own version of spring practice with mismash look at Notre Dame and top midmajors, led up by Boise State.

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