The Coors Effect

September 20, 2006 2:33 PM

You Gotta Love Matt Holliday

Let me just start by saying that Matt Holliday is the man. Not only did he hit the longest home run in the Major Leagues this year (according to Hit Tracker...more on that in a bit) last night, but he became the first Rockie other than Jose Mesa to fight back against the Giants. It's safe to say that the Rockies and the Giants don't have much love for each other, and last night's game was a perfect demonstration. In the first inning, Matt Cain drilled Holliday in the back to load the bases. When Holliday came up again in the third inning, he absolutely unloaded on a Cain curveball, blasting it onto the concourse above the left field bleachers. After he took a good long look at the flight of the ball, Holliday jogged towards first, barking something along the lines of "Yeah, b****" at Cain. Holliday got plunked again in the 8th inning by Jamey Wright, who was ejected. To all that, I say thank you Matt. Thank you for finally showing that the Rockies aren't going to just lay down when other teams try to play hardball. Thank you for showing the Giants that we are going to enjoy officially ending their season by (hopefully) sweeping them in Coors. Baseball with an Altitude salutes you, Matt Holliday.

Now, as far as the actual home run goes, that was an absolute moonshot (click here for the video...choose the Holliday clip from September 19th.) Even though the standard distance (as reported by the team) was listed as a mere 443 feet, HitTracker has the true distance of Holliday's jack going an incredible 496 feet. HitTracker takes into account the speed off the ball off the bat (116.8 mph for Holliday's blast), the elevation angle, the horizontal angle, the apex, and the impact due to wind, temperature, and altitude. Holliday now holds two of the top six spots on the HitTracker 2006 Top True Distance Home Runs list after last night. The other monumental shot came two weeks ago in Dodger Stadium, when Matt hit one out to left field that carried over the Dodger bullpen. That one registered in at 475 feet in true distance.

If you haven't checked out HitTracker before, do so now. It's a fascinating website full of all kinds of goodies for home run fans (and be honest...who doesn't love a good round tripper?) Scan some of the other top home runs, especially some of Ryan Howard's, but be sure to notice who is at the top of the list. Yup, it's our boy, Matt Holliday.

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