The Coors Effect

August 18, 2009 6:13 AM

Matzek signs with Rockies

The MLB Draft signing deadline came and went tonight, and as I suggested on Friday, the Rockies pulled out all the stops to sign first-round pick Tyler Matzek a few minutes before the deadline, as Tracy Ringolsby reports.

Matzek will receive the largest signing bonus in Rockies history, reportedly $3.9 million, well above the $3.25 million Greg Reynolds received in 2006 and roughly the equivalent of a month and a half of Todd Helton's salary.  It also obliterates the $1.8 million bonus MLB recommended for the 11th overall pick in the draft.

Don't expect Matzek to be in the big leagues for a couple of years: he's fairly polished, but he's still going to take some time to develop.  The Rockies now have perhaps the best trio of lefthanded pitching prospects in the minors (Matzek, Christian Friedrich, and Rex Brothers) of any team in baseball.  Throw in Franklin Morales -- technically not a prospect any more, but he's only a year older than Friedrich -- and the Rockies are practically swimming in lefty arms for the future.  Yes, this is a good day.

(On the other hand, it seems that making signing Matzek priorities number one, two, and three meant the Rockies only took one game this weekend in Florida.  Oh well.  We're still in the wild card lead.)

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