The Coors Effect

June 6, 2010 12:59 AM

And that... wasn't so good.

When the Rockies lose, it seems like they have a bad habit of stranding baserunners left and right.

Maybe my memory is just being a little selective here.  Dontrelle Willis was run out of Detroit because he was walking batters all over the place.  And he was pretty hittable.  Tonight, the D-Train was walking batters left and right.  He was pretty hittable.  The Rockies coaxed four walks out of Willis in six innings, got five hits and a hit batsmen, for a total of ten baserunners.

Naturally, that resulted in zero runs.  That's right, ten baserunners in six innings, and the Rockies didn't get a single run.  Yeah, the Rockies scored three runs off reliever Carlos Rosa to make the final score a not-so-embarrassing 4-3, but we're not interested in moral victories right now.  The Rockies need wins.  Okay, so the Padres and Giants lost tonight, and it looks (as I write this) like the Dodgers will lose, but that almost makes the point.  At this point we're not holding a lead and hoping that it can hold steady; we need to make up ground.  And that's what we missed tonight.  The Rockies had a perfectly good opportunity to pick up a win over the hated Diamondbacks, and they blew it.  Plain and simple.

Clint Barmes went a giant 0-for-3 to drop his batting average to .211.  Meanwhile, in the Pacific Coast League, Chris Nelson went 3-for-3.  He's hitting .327 this season.  What's wrong with this picture?  Yeah, Nelson has a, ahem, shaky history, but this season Barmes has gone from "decent power, low average" to "no power, lower average, and regressing defense."  Of course, the Rockies will probably call up Kaz Matsui if they get tired of Barmes taking at bats.

Rockies Top Three

1.  Carlos Gonzalez
: 2-for-4, walk, run scored.  Exactly what the leadoff hitter is supposed to do: get on base.

2.  Ryan Spilborghs: 2-for-4, walk, run scored.  Exactly what the number two hitter is supposed to do.  Hey, the leadoff guys were getting on base; they just got stranded there a bunch.

3.  Matt Belisle: Struck out three batters in 1.2 innings.  I'm actually really surprised that Belisle has morphed into a shutdown reliever.

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