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June 20, 2010 6:21 PM

Bullpen blows up late in Rockies loss

Pop quiz time!  Your closer has pitched each of the last three days, and gave up three runs in his appearance the previous night.  Meanwhile, one of your most consistent relievers this season pitched the night before, but he hadn't pitched the two nights before that and should be available.  And you have Juan Rincon sitting out in the bullpen, not having been used since you called him up.  (Okay, there was probably a reason for that.)  Now you find yourself in a tie game in the ninth inning.  What do you do?

If you went to your clearly overworked closer, well, you might be Jim Tracy.  One problem Tracy seems to have with managing his bullpen is that he seems to go to the same guys over and over again.  Was there really any reason to go to Corpas in four-run games on Thursday and Saturday night?  Tracy should have trusted somebody like Rafael Betancourt or Juan Rincon to get the outs he needed in a non-threatening situation like that.  Of course, with the situation as it was on Sunday afternoon, Corpas pretty clearly shouldn't have been thrown out there, unless Tracy is just trying to get him injured so he can go on the DL when Huston Street comes off on Tuesday.  Matt Belisle was available, and he's been consistent this season.  Why not go to him?

Of course, it's not like all of this would have mattered, what with the way the Rockies' offense was going today.  Three hits?  Really?  While it was clear that the Rockies' offense would struggle a bit with Tulowitzki out, nobody really imagined that the offense would go from pretty good to a giant mountain of suck because of the loss of one player.  Yeah, going from having Tulowitzki in the lineup to having Jonathan Herrera in the lineup is a big dropoff (though, to be fair, Herrera did have one of the three hits today.)  And yeah, a lot of the hitters were already struggling.  But this is just beyond ridiculous.  The Rockies just wasted a rare good start from Aaron Cook by doing absolutely nothing on offense.

Bad day to be a Rockies fan, though we did still get a series win.  And now the Red Sox are coming to town.  Yippee.

Rockies Top Three of the Game

1.  Aaron Cook
: For once, it's not Cook's fault that the Rockies lost.  Cook pitched really well, giving up just three hits (though he did walk four -- not a good sign.)

2.  Brad Hawpe: Hawpe's homer in the second inning (his fifth of the season) provided the Rockies' only run of the game.

3.  Jason Giambi: We have to be fair and mention that even though Giambi hasn't been hitting pretty much all year, he's still an OBP machine thanks to a high number of walks.  It's like pitchers are still scared of him, even though he hasn't really done a lot to justify them being scared of him.  So when Giambi reaches base twice in a game -- once by walk, once by hit -- you recognize it, particularly on a day like this.

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