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June 5, 2010 2:35 AM

Rare blown save for Corpas leads to Rockies loss

It was probably the correct move for Jim Tracy to continue to have Manny Corpas close for the Rockies, even with Franklin Morales having returned.

Now, it's a different matter entirely when Huston Street returns (he started his rehab assignment tonight.)  But while Morales had been shaky as the closer, Corpas had been good.  Before Friday night, Corpas hadn't allowed a run since May 10, spanning ten appearances.

Still, it was disappointing to see Corpas unravel in the ninth inning.  After retiring Adam LaRoche to open the inning, Corpas hit Mark Reynolds (not that I can blame him; I kind of want to throw at Reynolds, too), then allowed three straight singles to Chris Young, Gerardo Parra, and Ryan Roberts.  That kind of stuff happens.  It's quite different to give up three straight singles than it is to get tagged for a couple of line drives to the gap.  It's almost as if Corpas, having given up five hits in his last 9.2 innings, was due to give up a few singles in a row tonight.

The bigger story, though, was that the bullpen -- given a three-run lead on the strength of homers by Carlos Gonzalez (his eighth), Seth Smith (his ninth), and Ian Stewart (his seventh) -- couldn't hold it against a struggling team that had lost ten straight.  Really, the Diamondbacks can't get out of their own way a lot of the time, but the bullpen slowly allowed them to claw back.  The other big story is Aaron Cook, who still doesn't have it.  Yeah, he only gave up three runs, but that was in five innings.  It seems like it's been a really long time since the Rockies have had the Cook who could give a solid eight innings of one-run ball on a regular basis.  Now, it seems like we're just fine with him going five innings and giving up three runs, because it's a lot better than some of the outings he's had lately.

And Clint Barmes -- sorry, Clint, this is just ridiculous.  I know it's hard to find too many complaints with a team that's two games over .500 in June, but seriously, .215?  Like Cook, we've lowered our expectations for Clint so much that we're happy when he doesn't go 0-for-3 (which is what he did tonight.)  Barmes keeps his job for now because the Rockies don't have any other really good options there, as long as Eric Young is on the DL.  Melvin Mora's a defensive liability at second, while Jonathan Herrera and Kaz Matsui won't hit.  Chris Nelson is heating up at Colorado Springs, but he's still not ready.

Oh well.  With Jhoulys Chacin going against Dontrelle Willis tomorrow -- and, of course, Ubaldo pitching on Sunday -- we've still got a good shot at winning this series.  Still, tonight's loss was... frustrating.

Rockies Top Three

Ian Stewart: Did you know that the Rockies only had five hits tonight?  One of those five was a three-run homer by Stewart.  Tonight, that's good enough for top honors.

2.  Seth Smith: After Carlos Gonzalez tied for the team lead in homers in the first, Smith took it right back with a two-run shot in the third.

3.  Carlos Gonzalez: See above.  Gonzalez hit a leadoff homer, though it was part of a 1-for-5 night.

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