The Coors Effect

July 8, 2010 9:22 AM

Rockies win again in walkoff fashion

Two nights, two walk-off wins.  Two come-from-behind wins.

Last night wasn't quite as dramatic.  The Rockies did spot the Cardinals a 5-0 lead, but it was tied at 7 going into the ninth inning.  Dexter Fowler's three-run homer in the eighth tied it up; before that, Ian Stewart had driven in three runs on a pair of singles after entering as a pinch hitter.  And then, with the game tied at seven in the ninth inning, Chris Iannetta led off the ninth inning with a solo homer to send the fans home happy.

Iannetta, Fowler, and Stewart were the obvious heroes, but the lesser hero was Brad Eldred.  Eldred, who hit 22 homers at Colorado Springs this season, was called up yesterday to replace Todd Helton, who went on the disabled list.  Eldred went 3-for-4 and scored three runs.  Jonathan Herrera and Carlos Gonzalez also had three hits apiece.

Now, the pitching... Clearly, there's something of an injustice when Jhoulys Chacin is moved to the bullpen despite the fact that he's been perhaps the Rockies' second-best starter in recent weeks, but sometimes, those are the breaks.  Aaron Cook showed why Chacin should be in the rotation with a five-inning, five-run performance.  It's quite possible that we're seeing the end of Aaron Cook as an effective starting pitcher.  Cook still gets ground balls, but he just gives up too many baserunners these days in between all those grounders.

And a special shoutout to former Rockie Matt Holliday, who hit two homers in a losing effort.

Rockies Top Three

1.  Chris Iannetta
: Duh.

2.  Dexter Fowler: Double duh.

3.  Ian Stewart: Well, two hits and three RBI is a good showing, too.

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