The Coors Effect

February 6, 2011 3:28 PM

Rockies pursuing Michael Young?

Well, we had thought there was a good chance that Young would be starting at second base for the Rockies in 2011.

Only, we thought it would be Eric Young, not Michael Young.  The Rockies are in talks with the Rangers to acquire Young, who evidently wants out of Texas after the acquisition of Adrian Beltre pushes him off third base and likely to DH.  (And, the acquisition of Mike Napoli means that Young would be splitting time at designated hitter.)

Young is hardly great defensively; he's been a below average fielder at third the last two seasons.  But even at 34, he can still hit a bit; prior to 2010, he had hit over .300 in six of the past seven seasons.  Even in 2010, when he "only" hit .284, he was still good for 21 homers and a .444 SLG.

While Young would almost certainly supplant Eric Young Jr. and Jose Lopez at second base, it's not clear where he'd fit into the Rockies' lineup.  His strong batting average and OBP would make him a good candidate to hit at the top of the order, but he has enough power to hit in the middle of the order as well.

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