The Cup Running Over

June 21, 2010 9:52 AM

Monday Review I: Boy Did We Blow It -- Game We Said Might Be Most Defensive of Tourney Ends Up 7-0!

Going into the World Cup, we had North Korea ranked 31st of the 32 teams in South Africa.

Move them to Number 32. And, if they pull off a similar performance in game 3, they're contenders to be the worst team in World Cup history. 

You got us - - we really blew this one. Although the global pariahs put up a good performance against Brazil, the defensive cohesiveness we saw last week was nowhere to be found today as Portugal ran riot 7-0, with six goals scored in the second half. On paper, this looked a lot more even, with North Korea playing five at the back against a Portuguese side that seemed incapable of scoring. But it seems that Portugal was just saving it all for North Korea, with the goals even being spread between six different players. Even Cristiano Ronaldo, entering on a two-year goal drought for the national team, was able to pop one in the net. The North Koreans were not just outclassed, but thoroughly humiliated. What will they do as a result? The Portuguese head of Homeland Security is likely celebrating slightly less than Carlos Quieroz is.

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