The Cup Running Over

June 21, 2010 4:28 PM

Stats for the World Cup After the Second Set of Games

Teams scoring more than once in both games -- 1 of the 32 (Brazil)

Teams winning both of their games -- 4 of the 32 (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Netherlands)

Teams losing both of their games -- 4 of the 32 (Honduras, North Korea, Nigeria, Cameroon)

Games in which both teams scored -- 12 out of 32

Teams that have yet to concede a goal -- 4 out of 32 (Netherlands, Portugal, Uruguay, Chile)

Goals -- 67 in 32 games (2.09 per game, higher than the pace at the end of the first set of games but still well on course to set a new record for fewest goals per game in a World Cup)

Continental records after the second set of games:

South America 8-0-2
Oceania 0-0-2
Asia 2-5-1
North America 1-2-3
Africa 1-7-4
Europe 10-8-8

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