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NBA All-Star Snubs!

NBA All-Star logo.gifWhat's that? We're only a couple weeks into the season and there shouldn't be any All-Star controversies yet? Well get ready to have your world rocked.

Yesterday the NBA All-Star ballot was released. Somehow there was NOT a half-hour show devoted to it on ESPN. But despite the lack of coverage (and deservedly so), there are some tiny controversies with the release. Marc Stein of ESPN is one of the contributors to the making of the ballot and he broke down how the process works and what some of the complaints have been so far. Apparently, he and some other writers get into a room together and during the FIRST WEEK of OCTOBER and decide the 60 players to be listed. He says they need to do it that early for the NBA to be able to print the ballots. Hey NBA, you ever heard of FedEx Kinkos? They could do that overnight AND ship em out for you. Stein also sets out the rule they must abide by:

Every team must have a minimum of three players on the ballot. It's not a matter of merely choosing the top 12 centers, 24 forwards and 24 guards in each conference.
He says the biggest complaint has been Chris Kaman being left off the list. Seeing as how Kaman is averaging nearly 22 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks and is shooting over 57% from the field, that complaint is quite justified. Apparently, seniority played a role in knocking Kaman off the list because Camby, the veteran, was selected over the Cave Man. If Kaman continues to play like he has this could actually be a problem come January/February.

But the more interesting question is what the NBA would do with the Answer. Iverson is on the ballot and we all know how popular he is. What if Iverson is voted in when he isn't even on a team? The chances of Iverson being a starter over the likes of Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant seem slim, but you never know.

Bloggers (myself included) love these types of scenarios where the 'powers that be' can look utterly stupid for allowing something like this to happen. With that said, you can vote every day from now until January 10! Can you imagine of Iverson was starting ahead of CP3? I'm sure he'd get a condolence call from Rajon Rondo about that.

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