The Pit Stop

February 28, 2007 6:01 PM

Bristol, COT, IROC, Mark Martin, and more....

PRN's Garage Pass radio says that Jeff Burton thinks that Mark Martin is going to run the full season this year. Burton said that he is like a "drug addict" and can not stop racing. Burton also stated that he did not really like to use that analogy.

In response to Burton's Comments Martin says that he is not going to run the full season that he likes the formula he has going at this point of time. He also stated that he thinks that Bobby Ginn would never ask him to run the full season.

The AP has a report up on new NASCAR technology being a hit this year.

From A Texas Motor Speedway press release they say that due to lack of a sponsorship that the IROC race they are going to have on April 14 has been canceled.

NASCAR Officials still are not ruling out moving to the Car Of Tomorrow full time next year.

Testing at the Bristol track with the COT cars has been extended today until 9pm. On Thursday NASCAR has scheduled them to practice until noon, but could be extended until 2pm if the bad weather the area is expecting holds off.

Not at the Bristol track due to the Daytona penalty is David Hyder, the original crew chief for Michael Waltrip.

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