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February 26, 2007 12:53 AM

Some Observations About Sunday's Race

Today's race was rather boring from a spectator point of view - unless you are a Kenseth fan that is.  Congratulations to Kenseth for his Busch/Cup sweep this weekend.  I wonder who will be the next driver to do the sweep?  Any predictions?

 Here are some of my observations about today's race:

- David Reutimann's crash was awful looking. The in-car camera shot of him after he made contact with the wall was disturbing to say the least (to me anyway) - especially in conjunction with the viewing audience being able to listen to his team's radio communications. I'm so glad that he was able to come away from that incident virtually unscathed. Thank God for safer barriers. Would Dale Sr still be with us if he had hit a safer barrier? Don't know, but it sure would have increased his chances for survival.  Too bad NASCAR has a history of being reactive rather than proactive in such matters.

- Unleaded gas and blown engines. Is there some correlation, or is it just coincidence? Tests on the blown motors will tell, but I don't think there is a correlation - unless the teams did something to try and compensate for the unleaded fuel which lead to the failures. DEI needs to look further than unleaded gas to find their problems.

- Will Mark Martin reconsider running "Full Time" when the time comes for him to give up his seat in the Richard Ginn owned Army 01 car? I don't know, but if he were in the Top 5 in points he just might come back full-time. Ginn wants a 4 car team anyway and I think he just might be tempted.  Mark has finished 2nd in points a few times and the youthfulness of Ginn Racing might just be what it takes to get Mark out of the bridesmaid category - if you know what I mean.

- The Toyota driven by Brian Vickers quietly finished in the Top 10 after not even getting into the show last week. Good run for him and Toyota. I guess Michael Waltrip wishes he could have used that jet fuel-like substance this week for qualifying.  I say get rid of the guaranteed top 35 starting spots and let them all race their way in.

- Jimmie Johnson made an interesting post-race comment about a debris caution which might have ruined his run to the front. The caution produced no debris which led Jimmie to say "I think they (NASCAR) are still looking for it (debris)".  Wow,  was Jimmie being outspoken to someone other than Brian Vickers?  He should have won the Championship a few years ago, he would have developed a spine a whole lot sooner.

- Speaking of interesting comments, DW, in a post-race report, commented that some teams like Matt Kenseth's can do well with absentee Crew Chiefs but not with absentee owners. Ouch! Was that a shot at Teresea Earnhardt or what? He just had to get his 2 cents in there, didn't he?  I think DW should keep his mouth shut, as I don't see his team around anymore - but then again if he were a good owner he would have hired someone else to drive his car.  Unfair I know, but unless he is willing to come out and report on the DEI/Teresa/Dale Jr situation properly he should keep his little verbal jabs and digs to himself.  He is supposed to be a professional commentator in that booth so he should act like one.

What are your feelings about this race?  Am I right or wrong in my observations?  Let me know!

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