The Pit Stop

March 11, 2007 7:02 PM

1-2 Finish for Hendrick in Las Vegas.

NEXTEL drivers today took the field for the UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400 at the newly configured Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Kasey Kahne has the poll and most of the Toyota cars are not in the field today.

“I don’t think so,” said Mark Martin when asked again on running the Bristol race. “I really need a break.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. stated that he can win the race today and that his is going to take it easy.

Just like yesterday early cautions plagued the early part of this race. Three of them occurred in the first 20 laps. Lap two saw David Ragan spin out. Lap nine saw the cars of Robby Gordon and Casey Mears get together. “Early move that did not need to happen,” said Mears on the wreck. Lap 17 saw Dave Blaney and Joe Nemechek get together.

Juimmy Johnson has the lead at this point of time at the drop of the flag on lap 24 with a hard charging Kyle Busch moving quickly up the field. Green flag racing continues until lap 40 when Aric Almirola spins out.

Mark Martin leads the race at the drop of the green flag. At lap 61 Jimmy Johnson gets the lead of the race and starts to pull away from the field. Around lap 80 the first round of green flag pits stops occur. Green flag racing occurs with Jimmy Johnson still in the lead of the race until Johnny Sauter spins out on lap 107.

During the set of pit stops under the caution the Jimmy Johnson team gets sent to the back of the field for a pit lane violation. Jeff Gordon is leading the race at this point of time. After the green flag dropped it was only a couple of laps before Kyle Busch spins out.

After the green flag drops again it was a long green flag run until the second round of green flag pit stops around lap 150. During this time period Jimmy Johnson marches through the field and by lap 138 he has moved his way into the top 10. Gordon keeps the lead after pit stops cycle through. The next caution comes out as Paul Menard spins out on lap 173.

The green flag drops and Gordon pulls away from the field again. With 60 laps to go Gordon leads Jimmy Johnson by over 2 seconds and green flag pit stops occurred a couple laps later. The green flag racing stopped with 42 laps to go as the car of Clint Bowyer spins out.

Jeff Gordon keeps the lead after pit stops. On the radio he starts to complain of a flat tire, but decides that he is going to stay out. After a couple laps of green flag racing and Jeff Burton takes the lead of the race and the Jimmy Johnson steels second from Jeff Gordon.

With 29 laps left Jimmy Johnson fully takes the lead of the race. With 24 laps to go the car of Jeff Burton starts to have some engine problems and starts to slow. Six more laps go by and the car of Kasey Kahne crashes out of the race.

The car of Dale Earnhardt Jr. comes in under the red light. He said he was following Jeff Burton. With 14 laps to go Sterling Marlin who was good day around 10th place for a good portion of the race comes in and parks his car.

With 11 laps left the green flag drops with Jimmy Johnson in the lead of the race and pulls away from the field and takes the win of the race. Jimmy In victory lane said that the team made some great adjustments.

Still leading the points is Mark Martin with an 11-point lead over Jeff Gordon.

The win gives Rick Hendrick his 150th win of his career.

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