The Pit Stop

March 30, 2007 4:57 PM

Greg Biffle, James Hylton news and more....

NASCAR says that Greg Biffle got not penalties for being two low because NASCAR has no rules at this point of time on what a proper minimum height should be.  This  weekend though the minimum hight for the post race inspection is going to be 1/2 inch.

In qualifying for the race on Sunday the poll sitter is going to be Denny Hamlin with a speed of 95.103 MPH.  Also on the front row with him is Jamie McMurray.  Most of the Toyota cars are in the race including Dale Jarrett who did not have to use his champions provisional for the second week in a row, but Michael Waltrip misses his fifth race in a row. has an article up on weather NASCAR is going to go full time with the COT is 2008.

James Hylton is not done qualifying for races this year.  He is going to to try to get into the Talladega race this year.  He failed to make it into the Daytona 500 race this year.

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