The Pit Stop

March 19, 2007 2:58 PM

Johnson vs. Stewart, Biffle vs. Reutimann, and The CoT

Well, to be honest I thought Tony Stewart held his composure very well after the race after being pinched into the wall with 3 to go.  Johnson even admitted to pinching Stewart "accidentally", but I have problems with the 'accidental' part.  If I were racing Tony at that particular time I would expect him to have a run coming off the turn, especially since he was running the high-line, and would have handled that situation differently.  I wonder if Tony is going to get the "all clear" from his spotter at Bristol when he is under JJ at Bristol next week.

Depending on who you are it was either "The Biff" or Reutimann that caused yet another accident between them.  My take is that they are both to blame.  Reutimann should know better than sticking his nose there at that place in the track and Biffle should know better than to assume the behind him has backed off and move up the track.  Enough said.

 The CoT will debut this weekend, what kind of race are we going to have?  A good one.  Here's why: they could be driving school buses at Bristol and it would still be a good race because it is the track that makes it a good race and not the car.  This is why NASCAR put the first CoT race there so they can say, "What a great race!  The CoT is a great car and did everything we expected it to do.  Look at us aren't we great!"  They are setting themselves up for success in the public eye by running the CoT at Bristol, it would have been more interesting to see it run for the first time at an intermediate track instead so we could really see what it was like with some drafting and higher speeds.

 What is your take on all of this?  Am I right or wrong, don't worry I can take it.

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