The Pit Stop

March 6, 2007 5:54 PM

Larry McRenyolds news and more....

After Larry McRenyolds is done with all the race that the Fox network is going to air he is going to go over to the TNT network for the next six races to host a pre-race show with another person that has not been named yet. He will also do some commentary on the race as well.

Former wrestler Bill Goldberg is going to be an honorary pit crew member for Greg Biffle on March 11 at the UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400. He will be in Las Vegas to promote his new TV show called Bullrun that is going to air on the Spike TV network.

Mark Martin on the NASCAR Now show yesterday has state again that he has no interest in running the full schedule and that the best part of not running a full schedule is not having to worry about the points. He did not say that we have a 0% chance of running the full schedule though.

NASCAR Now News Bits:

Angelique Chengelis says that contract negations are going really well and that a deal could be made as early as May.   Marty Smith still thinks Dale is firm with majority stake in the company.

Angelique Chengelis also says that the Michael Waltrip camp still wants to find out who put the illegal substance in the car.

Bruton Smith, CEO SMI, Interview Bits:

It is going to be a drivers speedway says the CEO.  He said the garage was like the greatest thing he has ever built. He stated all the massive amount of changes to the track.  He also stated that qualifying for the race will be around 190MPH and will not be at fast as the Atlanta track.

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