The Pit Stop

March 28, 2007 4:59 PM

NASCAR responds to AT&T and more....

The Winston-Salem Journal has the latest on the AT&T mess. NASCAR is going all out to use the grandfathered status of the Cingular name.

NASCAR officials say that Greg Biffle is not going to get any penalties after his car was found out to be to low after a post race inspection after Bristol. NASCAR on Friday is going to have a press conference on why they handed out this penalty. has a new article up on the struggles that Michael Waltrip has so far this season.

Brian Vickers has received second degree burns after an exhaust pipe on his car broke during the race at Bristol.

For the ultimate NASCAR junkie that goes to see the races live Rand McNally is coming out with a Road trip guide for $14.95.

NASCAR Now note:

Talks have been occurring on expanding the 43-car field at some races.  A NASCAR official that Terry Blount talked talked to say that is not likely to occur.

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