The Pit Stop

April 11, 2007 5:11 PM

Dale Jr. news and more....

In Dale Jr. DEI contract news it is going to be 30-45 days to get a contract signed or negotiations are going to end. Dale still wants to be at least 51% owner of the company.

Dale Jr. thinks that down the road that JR motorsports could go do some cup racing.

The crew chief for Kurt Busch, Roy McCauley, is taking a leave of absence to take care of his wife who was diagnosed with Leukemia. A replacement has not been named at this point of time.

May 19th on the Speed Network they are going to air the pit crew challenge.

NASCAR Now news:

NASCAR Now wanted to get some questions answered with Michael Waltrip.  They did not get that.  They were going to get him just saying something, they did not get that either.  A women that saw the accident says he was "lucky to be alive. "  They say that he is going to attempt to qualify for the Texas Race.  The Toyota camp does not have much to say at this point of time.

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