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April 4, 2007 8:33 PM

Interesting Email A Bunch of Us Got From Kevin Harvick

Help Us Wax Smoke!


$100,000 Fundraiser For Victory Junction Gang Camp

During the Daytona 500 pre-race show, Tony Stewart held up a photograph of Ronald McDonald that had been altered so it appeared that I was wearing Ronald's suit.

Now, I am not one to let a practical joke go unanswered. So here is my retort:

My new colors may indeed be similar to those of Ronald McDonald, but have you seen Tony Stewart's chest and back? Because Tony is such a great guy, he has offered up a solution to his follicle issues.

Tony said on his SIRIUS satellite radio show, Tony Stewart Live, that if someone would raise $100,000 for charity, he would wax his chest and back. Who are we to pass up an offer like that? Call it "revenge for the Ronald McDonald photo," call it a great opportunity to raise money for Victory Junction Gang Camp or just call it plain funny. (Think Tony will scream like a girl when they rip all that hair out?)

Visit my blog on Infield Parking at to read the whole story and find out how you can make your donation. Every penny collected in "Operation: Wax Smoke" will be donated to Victory Junction Gang Camp.

We will be accepting donations until we reach our goal. Tell all your friends, and tell their friends to tell their friends. $100,000 to get us to put Tony Stewart in a salon chair, cover his chest and back with hot wax, place wax strips on it and rrrrip the hairs right out. Good times!

Once we reach our $100,000 goal, and Tony is ready to be waxed, we'll give you all the details of when and where it is happening.

Kevin Harvick,

$100,000 Fundraiser For Victory Junction Gang Camp



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