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April 16, 2007 12:20 AM

Jimmy Spencer, and Kelley & Dale Earnhardt Jr

 Jimmy Spencer

Earlier today on SPEED TV's' "Raceday" co-host Jimmy Spencer voiced his opinion about the ongoing contract negotiations between Dale Jr and DEI, with Kelley Earnhardt Elledge acting as Dale Jr's agent.

What Jimmy said turned into more of a personal attack against Kelley rather than an objective opinion of the actual contract negotiations and the issues on the table.

Basically Jimmy came off and made comments about Kelley's inflated ego because she never got rid of the Earnhardt name when she got married, and that she is playing 'hard-ball' with DEI in the negotiations.

I wonder if a male was negotiating on behalf of Dale Jr if he would have a huge ego if he were playing 'hard-ball' or if he would be an assertive agent looking out for his client's best interests.  Double standard dude.

And so what if she kept her maiden name!  If I were a female and my dad were Dale Earnhardt I'd keep my last name too.  I should be able to use it to my advantage like any of my brothers would.

I didn't like Jimmy much when he was a driver, but over these last few years I had changed my mind about him after watching him as a commentator on various SPEED TV shows.  I thought that I might have misjudged him back then, but after what transpired today I'm now not sure.

I know he did apologize about what he said later on 'Victory Lane', but how sincere was it really?  I think that maybe the SPEED TV executives/producers made him apologize for his actions because they didn't want another Bob Dillner incident (which has never really been cleared up, has it?  I wonder if Jeff Burton was using those special laser-cut rims today - but I digress).

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