The Pit Stop

April 16, 2007 4:57 PM

Michael Waltrip, ratings news and more....

In Michael Waltrip rumor news he has to pay Toyota 300 grand for every single race his misses and the other rumor is talks that Bill Elliott might join the team. Bill has 6 championship provisionals in his disposal.

In other Michael Waltrip news Toyota Racing Development Senior Vice President Lee White said yesterday that he is still sticking by Michael even after his crash last week. He states that Toyota has agreements with the teams and we are sticking by those agreement.

Tony Stewart in comments made yesterday said that he is ready to retire. (IMO he was just a frustrated driver after Texas and would never quit racing yet.)

The overnight ratings for the Texas race was up 12.5% from last year's rating of 4.8.

From the same Winston Salem-Journal link I posted above it states that Robert Yates is looking to deal with Robert Kraft who owns the New England Patriots. They also say that Dodge teams could be in trouble if DaimlerChrylser liquidates assets.

In some Busch Series news the road course race in Montreal later this year is going to be sponsored by the NAPA corporation.

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