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April 29, 2007 11:49 PM

NASCAR Fans Are Idiots!

You read it right, NASCAR fans are idiots!

Yep, I'm a NASCAR fan and I'm idiot.

NASCAR fans come in two types of idiots; 1) Those who throw crap at the cars, especially Jeff Gordon's car, when something happens that they don't like, and 2) those who actually put up with it and let these morons continue to perpetuate the 'red neck' stereotypical image of NASCAR fans everywhere. I fall into category number two, but not for any longer.

As a true fan of the sport I vow to do 3 things and I encourage you to do the same:

1) not matter how ticked off I am at the events on the track unfolding before me I will not throw anything, ANYTHING, onto the track before, during, and after a race. 

2) encourage others to do the same thing before, during and after a race.

3) record seat and row number of every idiot who does throw something out onto the track and report the information to the proper authorities so the appropriate morons can be dealt with.

As fans, we must police ourselves, and start doing a better job at it.

There are other things that can be done too. For example, if a fan is caught throwing something on the track they should have their seat taken away from them if they are a season ticket owner, and not be allowed to purchase another seat for at least 5 years. If the person does not own the seat and bought it from someone else, or got it free then the person who owns the seat should also get the fine, making them responsible for who they sell or give their seats to.

If this type of behaviour should continue then race tracks could create designated drinking areas under the grandstands and not allow any type of beverage containers in the stands except for the exceptionally overpriced water downed sodas that they sell at the track in waxed cardboard cups. Hit them in their pocketbooks too.

This has been done in several hockey arenas that I know of, and the behaviour in the audience has considerably improved. Typically those who exhibit this type of alcohol related behaviour are also too lazy to get out of their seats to go buy beer anyway.

Track owners can justify significant price increases to add security personnel and install security cameras every 25 feet along the grandstands to monitor crowd behaviour. Maybe the pressure put on these beer throwing idiots by the rest of us would increase proportionately with the increase in ticket prices for the added security measures needed to curb these alcohol induced Nolan Ryan aspirations.

What a way to ruin a pretty good race. Maybe I'll talk about the race tomorrow, once the track has been cleaned up. Idiots!

Photo Credits: Jeff Gordon (top) - AP Photo/Reinhold Matay, and Jeff Gordon (bottom) - AP Photo/Glenn Smith

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