The Pit Stop

April 2, 2007 5:18 PM

Overnight Ratings and more....

The overnight ratings for the Martinsville race slipped to 4.9. In 2006 the race scored a 5.1 rating.

Scenedaily reports that some high level companies might sponsor the Greg Biffle Car.

In a Clear!Blue/Dodge Motorsports PR Kyle Petty says that he no replacement driver yet, but a couple of good candidates.

Winston Salem Journal Says that the AT&T sponsorship mess could be settled by the end of this month.

NASCAR Now notes:

Robin Pemberton interview:

Robin said the COT is going great and that they could not duplicates races with tests. He stated that Harvick's car showed a lot of heat from the exhaust and that some foam adjustments may occur.

Marty Smith said Kevin Harvick had headache last night and it still with him today.

They stated that IRL is looking to be a feeder race for NASCAR NEXTEL events. The race would be on like a Saturday before a Sunday event and possibly displace a Busch series event.

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