The Pit Stop

April 28, 2007 1:49 AM

Tony Stewart Faces The Music - NASCAR Style

6:00 am Friday morning Tony Stewart was awakened by his team because NASCAR wouldn't let them unload the #20 Home Depot Chevy until NASCAR head officials 'spoke' with Tony.

An hour later, the Joe Gibbs Racing bright orange car was given the go ahead to unload. Tony was 'shown the light' and placed on the 'path to righteousness' by NASCAR.

Later in the day Tony apologized like a bad boy that has been put in his place by the angry parent for what he said about NASCAR running it's races like the WWE.

NASCAR then handed out a $10,000 fine and placed Tony on probation until the end of the year, not for what he said on Tuesday, but for blowing off the media on Sunday. We all know what he is being fined for and placed on probation for - for what he said on Tuesday and not for what he did on Sunday. If NASCAR were seriously going to punish Tony for what he did on Sunday they would have done it before Friday.

This may look like it is on the up and up, but I hope you can see it for what it really is - a show of force by NASCAR for Tony to tow the party line or he will be 'dealt' with.

Sure NASCAR isn't a democracy, nor should it be, and they are somewhat justified in what they did to Tony, but NASCAR has turned into its own worst enemy. It needs to get its house in order and take care of these well-timed 'phantom debris' cautions that seem to have been lingering around NASCAR for one too many years now, as well as its consistency in enforcing rules and handing out punishments. Otherwise, things like this Tony Stewart incident will continue to plague NASCAR in the months and years to come.

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