The Pit Stop

May 10, 2007 4:54 PM

Dale Jr's. Announcement Is..

that he is going to leave DEI at the end of the season. The televised conference lasted around one hour in length where he stated that he is going to talk to teams and she what they can offer him. When asked about the driving with the #3 on his car he said that he had to do some soul searching if he wanted to do that. has a good article up on this major news.

Looking at the press conference I felt that he was not super happy about doing this and probably does not want to do this at all.

Dale could go to Hendrick Motorsports and replace Casey Mears or a fourth team could be created just for Dale.

Dale could go to Richard Childress Racing. They already have three quality drivers so I think a fourth team is going to have be created just for him.

He could go to Joe Gibbs Racing, but would he want to create a forth team or fire J.J. Yeley???

Robert Yates Racing could really use Dale, but I am not so sure they could offer him the best deal possible.

Ginn Racing would love to have Dale Jr, but are a low end team who had some early success with Mark Martin. Do not see him signing with that team.

He could form his own team with JR Motorsports, but even he thinks that is the last thing he is going to do. I do not think he is going to do it.

Roush Fenway Racing will not even budge and not go for this guy.

Evernham Motorsports, Petty Enterprises, and the Toyota Teams I think will all go after him. I don't he will sign with any one of them and stick with a Chevy based team.

On the other side of things will DEI go to a two car team next year??? Will Robert Yates team up with them with driver David Gilliland??? These questions and more are also going to have be answered.

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