The Pit Stop

May 18, 2007 4:30 PM

MAJOR AT&T and DEI news....

AT&T wins its lawsuit against NASCAR on ruling handed out by federal judge Marvin Shoob today.

NASCAR'S response is:

"NASCAR is currently weighing any and all options for appeal of today's decision. Meanwhile, NASCAR will continue to protect the industry from actions designed to interrupt a business model which has been beneficial to all.
"It is important to understand that Sprint Nextel is a cornerstone sponsor that benefits the entire industry by way of its contribution to the championship point's fund, technology bringing fans closer to the sport, and its massive marketing and advertising campaigns."

In DEI news effective immediately they have joined forces on engines with Richard Childress Racing . No one knows at this point of time what effect this has with negotiations with Richard Childress Racing. has an article up on Dale Jr.'s sisters listening to offers for him.

Ritchie Gilmore says that DEI well underway in looking for a Dale Jr. replacement.

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