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June 30, 2007 7:35 PM

Brian Vickers Qualifying Time DQ'd

Brian Vickers' number 83 car is not in the top 35 in owner points. He had to qualify on time on Friday. He did so quite successfully, with an impressive 28th place run. But he still will not race on Sunday. The deciding factor? An eighth of an inch.

After qualifying, Vickers' car failed to pass inspection. NASCAR officials deemed his car to be too low. According to Nextel Cup director, John Darby, the left front of the car was an eighth of an inch outside of the quarter inch tolerance.

"It sucks," said Doug Richert, Vickers' crew chief. "All the non-top-35 cars go back through inspection [following qualifying]. When we went through, we found the front end of the car didn't meet their minimum height.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Because of the disqualification, Chad Chaffin in the number 49 Dodge will get to race.

"It feels really good," Chaffin said. "But the thing is, we were disappointed, OK -- but we were all kind of positive because we came close, we missed the race by three-thousandths [of a second].

I know how they feel, from having that happen to me at Pocono last year. But now I get to reap the benefit of that rule, so turnabout's fair play. We're just tickled to death to be here."

Because Chaffin moved into the field, Kevin Lepage will move up from 43rd to 37th on the starting grid.

It will be the second consecutive week in which both Red Bull cars fail to make the race.

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