The Pit Stop

June 7, 2007 7:31 PM

Fast Cars and Superstars show 1 recap

Kenny Mayne and Brad Daugherty are the hosts for this reality TV show that is only going to last for the next few weeks.

The time trial is the first event up for the stars. All stars have been put in groups of three drivers and each star is going to go three laps around the track. The top two in each group are going to move onto round two.

Serena Williams was the first star out on the racetrack. She had help from Kurt Busch. Serena says she feels like she is going to tip over. 123.65 MPH in the first lap. 129.16 MPH in the second lap. 136.05 MPH third lap speed. 2:05:17 finish time for the three laps. Kurt Busch said she did great after getting out the car.

John Elway is second out on the racetrack with help from Kurt Busch. Elway said that he did not feel very comfortable and that the fear went away with each lap. 146.02 MPH for lap one. 146.26 MPH for the second lap. 48.64 MPH for the third lap. 1:50:23 total elapsed time.

Laird Hamilton is the third driver out on the racetrack who also got help from Kurt Busch. Laird said that in practice he was slower than Elway. 148.60 MPH in lap one. 149.09 MPH for lap two. 148.27 MPH for the third lap. 1:48:98 total elapsed time.

John Elway and Laird Hamilton move onto the next round.

Serena’s goal for the show was to go faster than her tennis serve and she did just that.

Next show Sunday June 10th at 8pm before the NBA Finals game.

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