The Pit Stop

June 10, 2007 7:31 PM

Fast Cars and Superstars show 2 recap

Kenny Mayne and Brad Daugherty are bringing you the action for this reality TV show.

The second set of three drivers will attempt to move onto the second round with help from Jimmy Johnson.

Tony Hawk is first out and stalls his car in pits right before practice. Jimmy Johnson said he was smooth. Lap one speed of 151.43. Lap two speed.of 151.63. Lap three speed of 151.43. Total time of 1:46:92

Ty Murray was second out on the track. “A real shot of winning this thing,” said Jimmy Johnson on Ty Murray. Lap one speed of 150.96. Lap two speed of 151.64. Lap three speed of a 151.43. Total time of 1:47:03

Krista Allen was the last driver out on the race track. She asked how the shift stick worked and wound up with the fastest times in practice. Lap one speed of 147.26. Lap two speed of 149.63. Lap three speed of 149.23. She lost it a little in turn three on the final lap. Her total time was 1:48:94.

Krista does not move on to the second round, but was faster than the first show fastest driver Laird Hamilton.

The next show is going to air On Tuesday before the NBA finals game at 8pm.

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