The Pit Stop

June 14, 2007 7:28 PM

Fast Cars and Superstars show 4 recap

Kenny Mayne and Brad Daugherty help bring the action for this reality TV show

This is the final group of three going in the first round through the time trial round.  Helping out the drivers on this show is Ryan Newman.

Gabrielle Reece is first out on the racetrack.   She wound up being the first driver to spin out in practice in the grass. First lap speed of 131.07 MPH.  Second lap speed of 134.19 MPH. Third lap speed of 137:59 MPH Total time of. 2:00:69.

Bill Cowher is second out tonight and is the first driver to hit the wall and take a car out of commission.  First lap speed of 140:37 MPH.  Second lap speed of 139.79 MPH.  Third lap speed of 142.03 MPH. Total time of 1:55:11.  William Shatner congratulates him after Bill got out of the car.

William Shatner is final first round driver. Shatner said Gabrielle and Bill could have gotten hurt. First lap speed of 134.73 MPH.  Second lap speed of 134.26. Told in second lap he if went below the white line again he would be disqualified. Third lap speed of 137.51 MPH. Total time of 1:59:56.  He gets the DQ for doing it again on the third lap. Safety reasons are to blame.

Moving on from the final first round group is Bill Cower and Gabrielle Reece.

The rest of the drivers moving on into round two of the competition are John Elway and Laird Hmilton from show one, Tony Hawk and Ty Murray from show two, and finally John Cena and Jewel from show three.

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