The Pit Stop

June 19, 2007 7:31 PM

Fast Cars and Superstars show 6 recap

It is final round 2 action with Kenny Mayne and Brad Daugherty as your host.

In round two drivers will get three timed laps.  The track has special arrows on the track that stars must hit or get a two second penalty on the first two laps.  At the end of third timed lap they have to come down pit road at hit their pit box.  Missing the pit box adds time to their score.

Jamie McMurray is the one helping them out on this show.

Jewel is the first driver out the racetrack.  Lap one speed of 127.66 MPH with two missed sections.  Lap 2 speed of 131.20 MPH with zero missed sections. Totally missed her pit for a 15 second penalty. Finished with a time 2:07:98 with 19 penalty seconds for a total time of 2:26:90.

Bill Cowher is out second.  Lap one speed of 111.62 MPH with zero missed sections. Lap two speed of 113.28 MPH with no missed sections.  Did not miss the pit box at all. Finished with a time of 2:25:33

John Cena is the third one out on the racetrack.  First lap of 136.43 MPH with no missed sections.  Lap two of 137.86 MPH with one missed section.  On the final lap his car sparked. He finished with a time of 2:02.98 with only two seconds on penalty gives him a total time of 2:04:98.

Gabrielle Reece is the final driver of round two.  Lap one time 118.45 MPH with 5 missed sections.  Lap two time of 122.98 MPH with four more missed sections. Finished with a time of 2:22:64 with 18 seconds of penalty time for a final time of 2:40:64

Going on to the final show is Ty Murray, John Elway, Tony Hawk, Bill Cowher, John Cena and  Jewel.

The final show is to air Sunday night at 7pm and will last for one hour.

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