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June 9, 2007 5:44 PM

Carl Edwards Cruises to His Third Straight Win at Nashville

Carl Edwards continued his dominance at the Nashville Superspeedway. He picked up his third consecutive win in the Music City by taking the checkered flag in the Federated Auto Parts 300. After he almost missed qualifying, he put the car in the 7th position to start the race. He kept the number 60 Dish Network Ford Fusion up front all night long, leading 49 laps. It was his fourth win of the Busch Series season.

Clint Bowyer, Jason Leffler, Scott Wimmer and Regan Smith rounded out the top 5.

It was Edwards' second win of the week. He won the Nextel Prelude to the Dream dirt race at Eldora Speedway in Ohio. Edwards would love to make it three wins. He's got his work cut out for him, though. He starts 32nd tomorrow at Pocono.

At the halfway point of the NASCAR Busch Series season, Edwards has a runaway lead in the points standings. He leads second place, Kevin Harvick by 662 points.

7:07 PM: PRERACE - The command to fire engines has been given. 43 cars roar to life on pit road. History shows that Nashville has been a breeding ground for first time winners. Will we see a first time Busch Series winner tonight? We'll know in a couple of hours.

LAP 1: GREEN - The pace car is off. 19 year old Steve Wallace leads the field to the green flag. We're under way at Nashville.

LAP 1: YELLOW - Kyle Krisseloff and Kertus Davis get together off of turn 4. Both cars spin to the inside. David Reutimann goes all the way into the grass to get through. Mike Wallace gets a little piece of Davis driving by.

LAP 5: GREEN - Davis and Krisseloff were the only cars to pit under that caution. We're back to green flag racing with Wallace leading, Bowyer, Almirola, Ambrose and Edwards.

LAP 6: GREEN - Clint Bowyer gets a good run off of turn 2 and Wallace lets him by. Bowyer leads.

LAP 9: GREEN - Scott Wimmer gets by Marcos Ambrose for 5th. Bowyer continues to lead.

LAP 15: GREEN - Battles continue all over the race track but the top 5 remain the same. Ambrose is all the way back to 13th and continues to go the wrong way.

LAP 22: GREEN - Aric Almirola gets around Wallace for 2nd and sets his sights on Bowyer. Regan Smith in the 4 car is up to 6th. Scott Wimmer and Carl Edwards continue to argue over the 4th position.

LAP 28: GREEN - Timothy Peters gets a little piece of the wall off of turn 2. He'll lose a couple of spots. Scott Wimmer draws a beat on Steve Wallace and passes him on the backstretch for 3rd.

LAP 30: GREEN - Regan Smith continues his charge towards the front. He's around Edwards for 5th.

LAP 32: GREEN - Marcos Ambrose's troubles may be due to a right rear tire going down. Ambrose says it's chattering. After starting 5th, he's all the way back to 19th.

LAP 39: GREEN - Scott Wimmer in the 29 car is flying tonight. He gets by Almirola for 2nd and is running down the leader, Clint Bowyer.

LAP 46: GREEN - Wimmer just ran a 31.167 compared to Bowyer's 31.535. Regan Smith has found his way around Steve Wallace. Wallace's car does not look comfortable at all.

LAP 49: GREEN - Smith around Almirola for 4th. We're about 11 laps away from green flag pit stops.

LAP 50: GREEN - Wimmer gets shot out of a cannon on the front stretch and blows Bowyer's doors off. Wimmer leads Bowyer, Smith, Almirola and Jason Leffler. Steve Wallace is now out of the top 5 in 6th.

LAP 58: GREEN - Leffler's car obviously likes the longer runs. He's consistently the fastest car on the race track, 5 laps away from pit stops.

LAP 62: GREEN - Wimmer has stretched his lead out to over a second. No change in the top 5. He leads Bowyer, Smith, Almirola and Leffler.

LAP 63: GREEN - Pit stops have begun. Timothy Peters is in. He gets 4 tires and an adjustment. Aric Almirola, the 4th place car, is in. He's asking for a trackbar and air pressure adjustment.

LAP 64: GREEN - Regan Smith is on pit road from 3rd place. No adjustments for him. Just 4 stickers and gas. Smith begins his service as a car spins off of turn 4. The yellow comes out for the 92 car of Bobby Santos. Smith will be bit by this caution. He will restart 18th, 1 lap down. Marcos Ambrose will receive the lucky dog.

LAP 66: YELLOW - All of the leaders are in for service. Wimmer reports his car was a little bit free. He'll take a slight air pressure adjustment. Bowyer is complaining that his car is a little tight. Trackbar and air pressure adjustment for him. Bowyer wins the race off of pit road followed by Wimmer, Leffler and Edwards, Cale Gale and David Ragan.

LAP 72: GREEN - Back to green. Jason Keller has a great restart and goes from 15th to 6th.

LAP 76: GREEN - David Ragan gets a good run off of turn 4 and passes Cale Gale and Jason Keller. He's up to 6th. Gale gets around Keller, as well. He's up to 7th.

LAP 80: GREEN - The adjustments appear to have helped Clint Bowyer. He's stretched his lead out to almost 2 seconds over Scott Wimmer, Carl Edwards, Jason Leffler and Steve Wallace.

LAP 84: GREEN - Things are beginning to spread out now. There is at least a second between all of the first 6 positions. 16 cars are being shown on the lead lap. Regan Smith and Aric Almirola, who were burnt by the last caution, are racing for the lucky dog.

LAP 87: GREEN - Edwards runs down Leffler in turn 4 and makes the pass for 3rd place. Bowyer continues to lead Wimmer by over 1.084 seconds.

LAP 90: GREEN - Wimmer is picking up the pace again. He's almost a full tenth faster than Bower every lap. He's erased Bowyers' lead and is right there on the 2's back bumper.

LAP 94: GREEN - Stephen Leicht goes around David Reutimann for the 9th position. Mike Bliss is quietly putting together a nice run. He's currently being shown in the 8th position.

LAP 96: GREEN - Wimmer is now only 4 tenths behind Clint Bowyer and closing. David Ragan goes around Steve Wallace, putting the 6 car into the top 5.

LAP 98: GREEN - Racing through lapped traffic, Bowyer's lead has stabilized at 4 tenths. No change in the top 10. Bowyer still leads Wimmer, Edwards, Leffler, Ragan, Wallace, Keller, Bliss, Leicht and Reutimann.

LAP 105: GREEN - Wimmer gets a great run coming onto the backstretch. Bowyer pulls over and lets Wimmer zoom by. Wimmer is back in the lead as we approach halfway.

LAP 110: YELLOW - Marcos Ambrose's 59 Kingsford car goes up in flames in turn 3. Safety crews put the fire out as Ambrose climbs out. Caution is out for the third time. Aric Almirola gets the lucky dog. Scott Wimmer was still reporting a loose condition. He'll make a trackbar adjustment when he comes to pit road.

LAP 112: YELLOW - Pit stops. Wimmer puts on scuff tires, makes a trackbar and air pressure adjustment. Bowyer takes a trackbar adjustment and wins the race off of pit road. Carl Edwards comes off of pit road 2nd, in front of Wimmer, Leffler, Wallace, Keller, Leicht, Kluever and Reutimann. Kluever gained 7 spots on pit road.

LAP 118: GREEN - Back to green flag racing. Bowyer gets a nice restart. Things bunch up back in the pack, going 3 wide in some places. Jason Keller is up to 6th and Bobby Hamilton Jr. has cracked the top 10 for the first time.

LAP 121: GREEN - Carl Edwards tries the low line out of turn 3 and makes the pass for the lead. Edwards leads followed by Bowyer, Leffler and Wallace.

LAP 129: GREEN - Edwards' lead is almost out to 1 second but Scott Wimmer is running the fastest laps.

LAP 132: GREEN - Wimmer gets another great run off of 2 and passes Bowyer with ease. Wimmer to 2nd behind Edwards.

LAP 134: GREEN - Jason Keller gets around Steve Wallace and is up into the top 5 for the first time. Wimmer is quickly erasing Edwards' lead. It's down to under a half a second.

LAP 136: YELLOW - The 18 car of Kevin Conway drifts up the track and gets into the side of David Stremme. Conway spins and backs into the wall. Aric Almirola gets a piece of Conway driving through. Caution is out for the fourth time. Regan Smith will be the lucky dog. He will finally get his lap back.

LAP 138: YELLOW - Pit stops are under way. Edwards will take 4 tires and a wedge adjustment. Todd Kluever gains 4 spots and wins the race off of pit road.

LAP 140: GREEN - Scott Wimmer, who stayed out under that caution, leads the field back to the green flag. He is followed by Jason Leffler, Jason Keller, Todd Kluever and Carl Edwards. Bobby Hamilton Jr. is up to 6th.

LAP 142: GREEN - Cale Gale has a left rear tire down and will make his way to pit road. Wimmer continues to lead by 8 tenths of a second over Leffer, Keller, Kluever and Edwards.

LAP 147: GREEN - Edwards gets around Kluever in turn 2 for 4th.

LAP 151: GREEN - Carl Edwards is running the fastest laps on the track. Scott Wimmer's lead is back up to 1.1 seconds over Leffler, Keller, Edwards and Kluever.

LAP 153: GREEN - Bobby Hamilton Jr. gets around Kluever for 5th. Kluever's two tire stop is beginning to haunt him as he continues to fall back.

LAP 155: YELLOW - Richard Johns slams the wall in turn 3. Caution is out. The final pit stops of the race are under way. Edwards, Bowyer and Wimmer all make no adjustments, just 4 tires and gas. Stephen Leicht wins the race off of pit road followed by Dave Blaney, Mike Bliss, Clint Bowyer, Bobby Hamilton Jr, Regan Smith, Scott Wimmer, Jason Leffler, Todd Kluever and David Ragan. Carl Edwards is being shown in 11th. His tire changer dropped a lug nut while changing the left rear.

LAP 158: GREEN - Leicht leads the field back to the green with 69 laps to go. With all of the different pit strategies, this is shaping up to be a good finish.

LAP 159: GREEN - The lap car of Cale Gale drifts up the track and shoves Bowyer up the race track. Carl Edwards got an excellent restart. He's back up to the 8th position.

LAP 162: GREEN - Stephen Leicht is the fastest car on the track. He continues to lead over Blaney, Bowyer, Bliss and Hamilton Jr.

LAP 164: GREEN - Regan Smith passes Bobby Hamilton Jr. He's back up into the top 5. Hamilton Jr. will lose several more spots as he is trapped on the high side of the race track.

LAP 166: GREEN - Stephen Leicht, who was leading the race, loses the motor. He'll bring the number 90 car down pit lane and behind the wall. Clint Bowyer assumes the lead again followed by Blaney, Bliss, Edwards and Smith.

LAP 169: GREEN - Wimmer goes by Smith and gets back up into the top 5. Edwards is the fastest car on the track, 2 seconds behind the leader.

LAP 174: GREEN - Edwards gets by Bliss for 3rd as he continues to run the fastest lap times.

LAP 177: GREEN - Edwards reels in 2nd place, Blaney and blows by him. He's still the fastest thing on the race track, besting Bowyer's laps by a tenth and a half.

LAP 179: GREEN - Wimmer's car begins to come to life again late in the run. He gets around Mike Bliss and sets his sights on 3rd place, Blaney.

LAP 182: GREEN - Wimmer passes Blaney in turn 2. The cream is rising back to the top. The three fastest cars all night long are now running 1, 2, 3.

LAP 185: GREEN - Edwards has ran the fastest laps for the last 5 laps by 2 tenths of a second. Bowyer's lead continues to be erased. It's now under a second. With 40 to go, it's Bowyer, Edwards, Wimmer, Blaney, Smith, Bliss, Leffler, Kluever Hamltion Jr. and David Ragan the top 10.

LAP 190: GREEN - Hamilton Jr. slides up the track in turn 3, allowing Keller, Reutimann and Ragan all to go by. Hamilton is back to 12th.

LAP 192: GREEN - Edwards is there. He dives low in turn 2 and gets around Bowyer with ease. Edwards leads with 34 to go.

LAP 193: GREEN - Jason Leffler passes Dave Blaney for 4th. The battle for the lead is heating up. Bowyer is staying right with Edwards. Scott Wimmer is consistently the fastest car on the track but he has to make up 2 seconds if he wants to win.

LAP 195: GREEN - Regan Smith also gets by Blaney as Blaney continues to fall back. With 30 to go, it's Edwards, Bowyer, Wimmer, Leffler and Smith the top 5.

LAP 200: GREEN - Edwards is beginning to put a bit of space in between him and Clint Bowyer. He's out to a 1.151 second lead with 25 laps to go.

LAP 204: GREEN - Scott Wimmer continues to be the class of the field. He's beginning to close on second place but he still has a lot of ground to make up.

LAP 206: GREEN - Clint Bowyer has fallen back to 2 seconds off the lead. He's in danger of losing 2nd spot to Scott Wimmer. Jason Keller has been impressive all night long and is poised to get a good top 10 finish. He's currently in 8th place.

LAP 209: GREEN - Mike Bliss has really fallen back. He's gone from being in the top 5 at the beginning of this run to 11th place. Edwards' lead continues to grow. He's now 2.6 seconds ahead of Bowyer.

LAP 212: GREEN - Scott Wimmer is getting everything he can out of his car, wiggling every time off of the corners. He's still running the fastest laps but he's going to run out of time.

LAP 215: GREEN - Fuel mileage might be a problem for some of these guys as we close in on the white flag. Edwards is now comfortably ahead by 2.8 seconds. Bowyer, Wimmer, Leffler and Smith are the rest of the top 5.

LAP 219: GREEN - Carl Edwards has 4 wins and 11 top 10s on concrete race tracks. It looks like he'll be adding to that total tonight. He's still over 2 seconds ahead of Clint Bowyer. His biggest threat is in 4th, 5 seconds back.

LAP 220: GREEN - 5 to go. Edwards is cruising his way through lapped traffic. Dave Blaney is out of gas. He comes to pit road. Bad break for Blaney. He was running 6th.

LAP 223: GREEN - Two laps to go. Jason Leffler gets by Scott Wimmer for 3rd.

LAP 225: WHITE - Carl Edwards has won back to back races at Nashville. Tonight, he makes it back to back to back. He comes off of turn 4, checkered flag in his sights. Edwards wins at Nashville.

9:39: CHECKERED - Carl Edwards stops at the start finish line, gets up on the window and sticks his patented backflip. Clint Bowyer, Jason Leffler, Scott Wimmer, Regan Smith, Jason Keller, David Ragan, Todd Kluever, David Reutimann and Aric Almirola rounded out the top 10.

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