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June 4, 2007 12:00 AM

Martin Truex Jr. Tames the Monster to Win at Dover

Martin Truex Jr. led more than half the race at the track that he calls home and one of the toughest tracks on the schedule to score his first ever NASCAR Nextel Cup victory on Monday at Dover.


12:30 PM: PRERACE - The covers are on the cars as rain continues to fall at Dover Downs. There has been no official word from NASCAR yet but with what remains of Tropical Storm Barry rolling through Delaware, the race will probably most definitely be delayed.

1:34 PM: RAIN DELAY - The sun has found its way out over the race track and the jet dryers have fired up. The concrete surface should dry pretty quickly. If conditions stay the same, we should be getting the command to start engines at around 2:30.

2:01 PM: RAIN DELAY - Rain has begun to fall again in Dover. By the look of the radar, the green flag is at least another hour away.

2:17 PM: - RAIN DELAY - The race has been officially called for today. It has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 12:00 PM EST.


11:32 AM: PRERACE - The sun is shining in Dover. We're just under a half hour away from the green flag.

12:00 PM: The anthem has been sung, the command has been given and the engines have been fired. We're going racing at Dover. Robby Gordon and AJ Almendinger will go to the back of the field. They both changed engines.

LAP 1: GREEN - The green flag is in the air as Ryan Newman leads the field towards turn one. We're racing at Dover.

LAP 25: YELLOW - Caution #1. Scheduled competition caution due to rain yesterday.

LAP 27: YELLOW - Leaders are in. Kevin Harvick will make a battery change. Kasey Kahne wins the race off of pit road and assumes the lead.

LAP 31: GREEN - Green flag is back out. Kahne leads Riggs, Earnhardt, Newman and Sadler. Jimmie Johnson is 41st.

LAP 65: YELLOW - Caution #2. Scheduled competition caution 2/2 due to rain yesterday.

LAP 67: YELLOW - Kyle Busch has a problem. He pits with a broken right front shock absorber. Kevin Harvick also has some more electrical problems.

LAP 70: GREEN - Back to green flag racing. Newman leads Earnhardt, Edwards, Kahne and Gordon.

LAP 94: GREEN - Newman looks like he's the guy to beat today. His car has not fallen off at all. It looks like Hendrick's CoT dominance may come to a screeching halt today. Jeff Gordon just dropped to 11th, putting all of the Hendrick cars outside of the top 10.

LAP 101: GREEN - Carl Edwards and Dale Earnhardt Jr. continue to battle. Edwards assumes second for the time being and sets his sights on Newman, who is having to deal with lapped traffic.

LAP 103: GREEN - Jeremy Mayfield pits with a flat tire.

LAP 110: GREEN - Carl Edwards is right on the bumper of Newman. He'll try him on the backstretch and he'll get him. Edwards leads.

LAP 111: GREEN - Dale Earnhardt Jr, who was running third, has cut a right side tire. He tries to get to the pits but cannot get down to the bottom. He'll pit next time by.

LAP 112: GREEN - Dale Jr. is in. 4 tire change. He's down and away with a clean stop but he's lost a lap. He's being shown in 38th.

LAP 118: GREEN - Martin Truex Jr. catches Newman and passes him for 2nd. Dale Jr's right front was worn all the way to the cord and his right rear was almost as bad.

LAP 121: GREEN - Edwards leads by almost a full second over Martin Truex Jr. Mark Martin has found his way up into the top 5.

LAP 125: GREEN - Martin Truex Jr. storms up on Edwards as Edwards gets held up by some lapped traffic and takes the lead.

LAP 129: GREEN - Truex Jr. leads by 1.5 seconds over Carl Edwards. Clint Bowyer, Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne round out the top 5.

LAP 137: YELLOW - Kyle Busch slams the wall off of turn 4 and brings out the caution. Joe Nemechek in the #13 car gets the lucky dog.

LAP 141: GREEN - Green flag is waving again. Ryan Newman retakes the lead from Truex. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is still 2 laps down.

LAP 145: GREEN - J.J. Yeley has gone to the garage with a ripped shock mount.

LAP 150: GREEN - It's starting to drizzle. 50 more laps and the race will be official. Ryan Newman continues to lead over Edwards, Kahne, Bowyer, Stewart, Kenseth, Biffle, Martin and Kurt Busch.

LAP 160: GREEN - Truex Jr. retakes the lead on the front stretch. He's stretching it out to almost a full second. Carl Edwards is third, Clint Bowyer fourth and Tony Stewart fifth.

LAP 162: GREEN - Jimmie Johnson has found his was into the top 10.

LAP 170: GREEN - Newman drops back and Edwards gets by. Edwards to 2nd.

LAP 175: GREEN - 25 laps away from the race being official. Truex Jr. is still your leader with Edwards 1.5 seconds back.

LAP 181: GREEN - Martin Truex Jr. is pulling away. He's now almost 2 seconds ahead of 2nd place, Edwards. No other changes in the top 5: Newman, Bowyer and Stewart.

LAP 185: GREEN - Still no change in the top 5. Hendrick is running 10, 13, 18, 37, Gibbs is running 5, 12, 43 and RCR is running 4, 16, 28.

LAP 199: GREEN - Jeremy Mayfield cuts down another tire and brings his Toyota to pit lane.

LAP 201: GREEN - The race is official. Truex Jr continues to stretch his lead. He's now got 3.278 seconds on 2nd place, Carl Edwards.

LAP 213: GREEN - Green flag pit stops have begun. Mears, Marlin and Nemechek are the first to bite.

LAP 214: GREEN - Kenseth, Sadler, McMurray Montoya, McMurray all to pit lane.

LAP 215: GREEN - Martin, Kahne, Stremme, Robby Gordon, Jeff Gordon, Ward Burton, Harvick, Vickers all pit.

LAP 216: GREEN - Stewart, Ragan, Green, Hamlin Johnson, Schrader, Edwards, Gilliland, Kurt Busch, Dale Jarrett, Kyle Petty, Newman all pit.

LAP 218: Clint Bowyer is in with the lead. Carl Edwards passes him off of turn 4 and assumes the lead.

LAP 222: GREEN - Martin Truex Jr. retakes the lead from Carl Edwards.

LAP 224: GREEN - Pit stops have cycled through. Martin Truex leads Carl Edwards by 4.090 seconds. Then it's Bowyer, Newman, Stewart, Kenseth, Johnson, Martin, Biffle and Kurt Busch.

LAP 237: GREEN - Truex Jr. continues to lead Carl Edwards by just over 3 seconds. Jimmie Johnson is up to 6th.

LAP 241: GREEN - Johnson gets by Kenseth and is now in the top 5.

LAP 243: GREEN - Dale Jarrett is on pit road for an unscheduled pit stop with a battery problem. He's being scored in 41st, 10 laps down after a battery change.

LAP 247: GREEN - David Stremme, who has apparently been battling a stomach flu, has called for a relief driver. Regan Smith will drive the #40 car for the rest of the race. Truex Jr. is still leading by almost 3 seconds but the lead is beginning to shrink.

NEWS FLASH Bill France Jr. died this afternoon.

LAP 270: YELLOW - Tony Stewart hits the wall and comes down into Kurt Busch. Kurt Busch spins wildly down the front stretch. Stewart has a broken brake rotor. He's going to the garage. Busch comes to pit lane, parks in Stewart's pit stall and jaws with Stewart's crew. His car is being ordered to park by NASCAR and his whole crew has been told to report to his hauler to await an immediate meeting by officials.

LAP 271: YELLOW - Pit stops. Everyone takes four tires and gas. Ryan Newman won the race off of pit road. Kasey Kahne gets the lucky dog.

LAP 278: GREEN - The green flag is back out. Newman leads followed by Truex, Bowyer, Edwards and Martin.

LAP 280: GREEN - Newman's lead is at just about a second over Truex, Edwards, Bowyer and Martin. Kurt Busch says he doesn't know "what Stewart was all about today" and that Stewart was racing him way too hard.

LAP 295: GREEN - Truex has run Newman down and is going for the lead. He's got it in turn 1. Truex regains the lead.

LAP 300: GREEN - 100 to go. Truex leads Newman by 1.192 seconds followed by Edwards, Bowyer, Johnson, Martin, Kenseth, Biffle, Hamlin and Jeff Gordon.

LAP 322: GREEN - Martin Truex Jr. has stretched his lead out to 3.522 seconds over Ryan Newman, who is being challenged by Carl Edwards for 2nd.

LAP 328: YELLOW - Ward Burton smashes the wall off of 4 and brings out caution number 5.

LAP 329: YELLOW - Everyone is on pit road, taking 4 tires and gas. Ryan Newman wins the race off of pit road again. Newman, Truex, Edwards, Bowyer, Johnson, Martin, Hamlin, Biffle, Kenseth and Kasey Kahne are the top 10.

LAP 333: GREEN - The green flag is waving again. Newman leads with Truex Jr. right there with him. Side by side down the backstretch but Newman holds the lead.

LAP 338: YELLOW - Michael Waltrip blows a tire and spins in turn 4. Caution is out again.

LAP 339: YELLOW - The leaders stay out. Robby Gordon will be the lucky dog, putting 13 cars on the lead lap.

LAP 341: YELLOW - Tony Stewart returns to the track, almost 100 laps down.

LAP 342: GREEN - Green flag. Newman still leads followed by Truex, Edwards, Johnson, Bowyer, Martin, Biffle, Hamlin, Kenseth and Jeff Gordon.

LAP 347: GREEN - Truex Jr. looks low into turn 2 and he'll clear him. Truex back to the lead.

LAP 349: GREEN - Jimmie Johnson tried to pass Newman on the high side and gets all sorts of sideways off of turn 2. Somehow, he saves the race car without losing any positions. Truex continues to lead by 1 and half seconds.

LAP 355: YELLOW - Teammates David Gilliland and Ricky Rudd both get loose and get together off of turn 4. A lot of damage to Rudd's #88 Ford. Caution is out for the sixth time.

LAP 357: YELLOW - The top 5 stay out. Hamlin, the 6th place car, is the first one to pit. Kenseth, Martin, Biffle, Kahne and Jeff Burton all follow. Jeff Gordon is not happy at all and wants major adjustments. Kenseth asks for a minor adjustment. Casey Mears gets the lucky dog under this caution. That will put 14 cars on the lead lap with 40 to go when they get the green flag.

LAP 360: GREEN - Green is back out. Truex Jr. leads Newman, Johnson, Edwards, Bowyer, Kenseth, Jeff Gordon, Hamlin, Martin and Greg Biffle.

LAP 368: GREEN - Newman and Johnson furiously battle for 2nd as Martin Truex Jr. drives off into the sunset. Johnson is trying both lines and can't get it done but finally does with a good run off of turn 2. Johnson to 2nd.

LAP 371: GREEN - Johnson and Newman continue to argue over 2nd spot. Truex leads by almost 3 seconds. The best battle on the race track is from 5th back to 10th. Bowyer and Kenseth are in and out off of turn 4, fighting with Jeff Gordon, Denny Hamlin and Mark Martin.

LAP 382: GREEN - Jimmie Johnson, running in 2nd, blows a tire trying to run down Truex and heads for pit road. He changes all four tires and heads back out. Johnson is now being shown in 16th, 1 lap down.

LAP 393: GREEN - Martin Truex Jr. does not want to see a caution. With 7 to go, he leads by almost 6 seconds over Newman, Edwards, Hamlin, Kenseth, Biffle, Martin, Bowyer, Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne.

LAP 396: GREEN - Truex's lead is out to 6 and a half seconds as they battle furiously in the back half of the top 10. Jeff Gordon may have a tire going down. He's trying to hang on with 4 to go.

LAP 400: WHITE - Martin Truex Jr. is in cruise control. He takes the white flag with a 7 second lead. He dominated all day long, leading the most laps. He comes off of turns 3 and 4 onto the front stretch with the checkered flag waving. He comes across the line to score his first career Nextel Cup win at Dover.

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