The Pit Stop

June 18, 2007 4:41 PM

NASCAR Lawsuit, AT&T News and more....

In major news that happened on Sunday night NASCAR has field a lawsuit against AT&T again.  The lawsuit is for 100 million bucks accusing AT&T of interfering with the exclusive agreement with the Nextel Company.  If NASCAR was to win this lawsuit AT&T and the Alltel sponsorship that Ryan Newman has will not be on cars starting in the 2008 season.

In AT&T news they have signed a three years deal with RCR and the car Jeff Burton drives.

JR Motorsports is working on a deal with Adidas that would get het own line of ClimaCool wear into stores.

J.D. Gibbs is evaluating a change to Toyota for next season.

The Orlando-Sentinel reports that Jeff Gordon knew about Dale Jr. wanting to drive for Hendrick Motorsports.

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