The Pit Stop

July 20, 2007 4:38 PM

Busch Series News and more....

Kevin Harvick Incorporated has released driver Kertus Davis.  Ron Hornaday is going be in the car at Gateway.

Rusty Wallace Inc. has made it official and they are going to a two car Busch Series team next year.  Next year Chase Austin is going to be in the non-companion races while a veteran is going to be the other races.

ESPN Media has a big press release out stating what they are going to do for the final races of the season.

ESPN has also announced that Randy Lajoie is going to be an analyst for the Busch Series race Indianapolis on July 28 and for the road course race up in Canada.

Steve “Jake” Lauletta is now the new president of Chip Gnassi Racing.

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