The Pit Stop

July 2, 2007 4:40 PM

Dan Weldon news and more.....

Both Johnny Sauter who finished in 14th place and Kyle Busch who finished in 11th had cars who failed post-race inspection on Sunday. Both cars were low in the left front part and have been confiscated for further inspection. Any penalties and fines will be handed out later this week.

Chip Gnassi who own the car Dan Weldon drives in the IRL says that NASCAR is not on Weldon's radar screen at this point of time.

Speed TV reports that some NY investors are looking at some NASCAR teams to give them some cash investments and at some point of time put them on a stock exchange.

This ESPN link talks about Gibbs still sticking with Chevrolet and that Kyle Busch did speak with Evernham Motorsports in a possible replacement for Scott Riggs who is 36th in the points.

NASCAR Now Notes:

Rumblings that Craftsman Truck series driver Bill Lester may not finish the season.

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