The Pit Stop

July 25, 2007 5:03 PM

DEI makes the merger official.....

Here is what we fully know now:

DEI and Ginn Racing Merge. The 01 car driven by Mark Martin part time and also Aric Almirola as well this season go to DEI. The 15 car of Paul Menard gets the #14 car driven by Sterling Marlin points. The #13 car and the points it has are in the dumpster bin at this point of time. This moves the 21 car which has been driven by Bill Elliott as of late into the top 35 points and locked into the race this weekend.

IMO this is a bad move for Ginn Racing. Ginn Racing to me was an up and coming team that was getting better every single year. They got Mark Martin to drive for them and for part of the season even with missed races he was still in the top 12 in points. They picked up Regan Smith and Aric Almirola to drive for them which is great. I will agree Ginn Racing had too many teams and needed to dump one even though all teams were in the top 35 in points. I will also agree they had sponsorship problems, but they could have worked them out. Ginn Racing needs to stay as a two car team.

The Biggest winner is DEI.  They quickly move to a four car team in a hurray with this deal.  They also get use of the seven-post machine that DEI lacks, but Ginn Racing has.  Paul Menard gets locked into the race which is another plus for DEI.  Bobby Ginn also wins by not having to spend so much money running a full operation.

The biggest losers in this merger are Regan Smith, Sterling Marlin, and Joe Nemechek who are practically without full time rides as this point time. Regan Smith still has some stuff to learn, but was not doing too bad out on the race track. Joe and Sterling are veteran drivers who were in some quality cars, I don't see them in a quality ride anymore.

Multiple car teams are important for a NASCAR team today, but you can be just as successful in a three car team as a four car team.

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