The Pit Stop

July 8, 2007 10:21 AM

Max Seigel news and some TNT thoughts.....

Max Siegel who is the president of DEI says that he would like to find a replacement for Dale Jr. by the end of July.

In my TNT thoughts I liked Wide Open coverage.  It was nice of Jeff Gordon to explain what was going to occur on our TV sets for this coverage.  The total coverage was not great, but not awful. On a 4:3 screen pit stop time graphics were not in the right spot.   The pop up commercial came up at the wrong time in a few places though.  Can that be fixed, not so sure???  The spot where the pop up ad was fine with me.  It may not be doable, but even the local ads could go in that spot.  The best part of this coverage was the scrolling car position list at the bottom of the screen during a pop up commercial.  It actually seemed like we had less commercial time than a regular race imo.

This idea goes up against the side by side coverage that IRL has.  They have the race on one side, the commercials on the other side and on  the bottom they show only the top three driver names.

In a best scenario possible commercial breaks would only occur during cautions, I don't think we will ever get that.

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