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July 13, 2007 9:43 PM

This Bud's For Someone Else!

It is official Budweiser will no longer be the official beer of Dale Earnhardt Jr - at least on paper anyway. Budweiser will not be part of the sponsorship package of Dale Earnhardt Jr next year when he moves to Hendrick Motorsports. There simply isn't enough room for them at the Hendrick Inn - where have we heard that before? hmmm ...

But really, this looks like the real deal here, with no smoke screen.

Apparently Bud hasn't decided which team they are going to sign on with, but they have been in negotiations with at least four of the larger teams. Speculation right now is that they will end up at Evernham Motorsports with Kasey Kahne as their new on track pitch person.

We'll have to wait and see.

With all this being announce today, you know what that means? Hendrick has, or is close to having, Dale Jr's sponsorship nailed down for next year. My feeling is that they have it nailed down, they are just putting together the final product, which includes the car number - will it be 8 or not? Stay tuned. Once these little details are hammered out just watch the marketing blitz begin starting with the official sponsorship announcement - which I would expect over the next few weeks. With the off weekend next weekend, what a good time to generate some NASCAR starved media attention with a big Dale Earnhardt Jr sponsorship announcement.

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