The Pit Stop

July 31, 2007 4:33 PM

Tony Stewart news and more....

For using inappropriate language Tony Stewart has been fined 25,000 and docked 25 championship points along with 25 owner points.

Tony Blount reports on what the Busch Series COT car would look like. It will have the same body minus the rear wing and front splitter.

Seven drivers including Kevin Harvick are going to be doing double duty this weekend. So far 43 cars have signed and Juan Pablo Montoya is not on the list of drivers so far.

The Indy race racked up a 4.1 rating which is 14.6% lower than last year when it was on NBC.

Greg Biffle gets fined 5 grand and put on probation for not speaking to the media after the Busch Series race this weekend.

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