The Pit Stop

August 11, 2007 9:49 AM

Boris Said is right.....

Qualifying rules for races are going to have change if weather kills qualifying for the NEXTEL NASCAR Series. He stated this week that it is costly for his team to miss a race and I fully agree. All the time and money spent getting the car ready at the race shop, the time and money spent to get the car to the track, and the time and money spent practicing the car before qualifying begins is all wasted. Boris says it can bankrupt his team and that can easily occur.

Practice to me is not as important as qualifying the car and NASCAR needs to make as many attempts as possible to get qualifying in.

So I have come up with more ideas than Boris on how to fix it.

If qualifying gets canceled you can schedule it for another day which is one idea Boris stated this week. I can agree with it. You can kill off some practice time to get qualifying in. NASCAR may deem practice so important that might not occur. You could start qualifying a couple hours before the race starts and do an impound race. I like that as well.

If we were to keep the top 35 in points rule:

Qualify just cars not in the top 35 in points on another day. You are not going to wind up with many cars to qualify which is certainly a time saver and they can battle it out for the final 8 spots. You can even leave in the past champions provisional if you want. The qualifying winners will start in the back.

Those cars could always start qualifying first so if rain did finish qualifying on a Friday and all of them went you can choose from them to finish filling out the field freeing up more time for practice.

NASCAR may not go for this that idea because they want to see all cars qualify at once. I can see that point, but those cars not in the top 35 need a bigger chance to qualify a car in the race.

If NASCAR can't get qualifying in by the start of the official race they will revert to the rules used this week.

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